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The AI Education Conversation podcast

Daniel Lopez explores Artificial Intelligence in Education through conversation with experts and analysis of the latest news and research. 

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Popular episodes

Episode with AI For Education founder Amanda Bickerstaff
Have schools started to adopt AI? Amanda Bickerstaff has deep experiences as a high school teacher and edtech entrepreneur. She recently founded AI For Education to try and bridge the massive chasm which exists between k-12 education and AI technology circles. Amanda has much to say around acknowledging the current good, bad, and ugly with Artificial Intelligence and what it will really take to implement in schools.
Guest episode featuring Bree Dusseault - Center on Reinventing Public Education at Arizona State University

One year after AI has become mainstream, are we seeing states/districts integrate AI at scale? My conversation with Bree was a journey through a vast landscape that is the current responses of state departments of education on AI, yet we also dive deep into the trenches around stakeholder decision making and dynamics between states, districts, and schools. 


Episode on AI powered classroom, Da Vinci Schools, Project Leo, AI

Has AI killed the essay? We know the United States saw unprecedented learning losses in students during the pandemic. We also know these declines continue are happening at a pivotal moment in our technological history - a moment where anyone can enter a prompt with the words “create an essay on…” and instantly have a logically sound essay in seconds using AI. As former teachers and fierce advocates for writing through their roles at Quill, Sherry Lewkowicz and Katie Moylan offer their perspectives on the role of writing, in addition to the work of Quill across schools.

Popular episode of The AI Education Conversation
What have we learned about AI in education? We explore what we've learned so far across 19 weeks on AI in education across three categories: access, privacy, and risks/opportunities. I also lay out predictions/hopes in each category.
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